The idea for creating a major Corvette parts business in California began in 1975 when the only major source for obtaining parts was from Chevrolet dealerships. Most dealerships had really no desire to stock inventory for such a low volume specialty car as the Corvette, since restoration of these vehicles had not yet reached any serious consumer level. Parts books were limited and Corvette owners had to rely on the willingness of employees at the Chevrolet parts counter to try and research and special order desired items. After obtaining an old Chevrolet parts book from the parts manager of my local dealership, I realized that parts I was told I could not get were in fact available but it took more research then the counter parts employees were willing to spend.

While restoring the suspension of my 1971 Coupe, I developed a passion for researching parts numbers. This passion made me wonder why no one had ever thought of opening up on the West Coast a full line Corvette parts business and supply the many local Corvette owners with parts and supplies.

In early 1977, Corvette Stop opened for business in San Jose, California. Over the years, business grew and we have relocated numerous times to larger locations to best satisfy the growing demand for parts. The business is currently located near Sacramento, California with our concentration being on only the early Corvette parts (1953-82). Corvette Stop has the capabilities of shipping parts worldwide.